Emergence Education was established by a team of professionals in May 2010 to provide consultancy services in education and career guidance to students who aspire to pursue higher studies overseas.

The founders and the consulting team at Emergence Education possess wide experience in the areas of science and technology, higher education, investment banking & financial services, professional development, student counseling and career guidance. More than 45 years of collective experience of these professionals is the key success factor of Emergence Education becoming a reputed service provider to deserving students seeking to further their higher education overseas.

Emergence Education is privileged to represent a group of reputed universities, colleges and institutions. The portfolio of such representations continues to grow providing a greater choice to our clientele. The primary focus is to offer a variety of programs to our prospects from full time to part time courses, skills development to professional development programs, graduate to post graduate programs conducted by accredited and recognized institutions. Emergence Education provides a range of services including career counseling, assistance in the selection of the study course, education institution and country, facilitating the application process & visa, coordination for travel arrangements, accommodation etc., and pre-departure advice.



Emergence Education is primarily focused on providing Australian higher education solutions. As a result, we have acquired specific and specialized knowledge in the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF). We represent a select group of Universities and Higher Education Institutions which allows us to build a strong relationship, pay close attention and support every one of these entities. This gives us in depth knowledge about the programs and specialties of our partner institutions and thereby providing a greater choice and flexibility for our students.

At Emergence Education, we strive to maintain a high degree of success in student enrollment. Our success is measured not only by the number of potential students walking in to our office or the applications processed but also the final outcome of such students being able to commence their desired courses of study at the chosen institute and their appreciation of our professionalism and service quality.

Emergence Education follows a careful and extended counseling process with the student and parent/guardian or sponsor to determine the student’s career interest, qualification & skills and financial capacity. We spend time to identify the available options or choices and educate the student on the various pathways to achieve the final goal, to graduate from the desired University.

We believe the success of our students will reflect on our success. At Emergence Education we succeed due to;
  • Choice of pathway programs
  • Destination Focus
  • Greater attention due to select portfolio of Higher Education institutions
  • Counseling directed towards students’ desire




Dr. de Silva was an eminent personality in the fields of science and technology and higher education in Sri Lanka. He made significant achievements in the academic and professional spheres. He was involved both as a faculty member and an administrator for a considerable period of time. He had been a Senior Lecturer/Examiner at the University of Colombo and had served as member of the Faculty Boards of the Faculties of Science at the Universities of Colombo and Kelaniya and as a Council Member of the Open University of Sri Lanka. He was also a nominee of H.E. the President on the Research Council and an elected Member of the Governing Board of the Institute of Fundamental Studies in Sri Lanka. Dr. de Silva also served as a Council Member of the University of Colombo until 2012.

In science & technology, Dr. de Silva had been a significant contributor to the development of scientific research, technological developments, quality assurance & standardization in Sri Lanka. Having started his career as a Bio Chemist with the Department of Health Services, he held positions as Senior Chemist at the Geological Survey Department, Director General and later as the Chairman of the Sri Lanka Standards Institution and as the Chairman of the Industrial Technology Institute (formerly Ceylon Institute for Scientific & Industrial Research), the premier research & development organization in Sri Lanka.

Dr. de Silva is a recipient of the high national honor “Vidya Nidhi” bestowed upon him, by H.E. the President of Sri Lanka, for his outstanding contribution in the field of Science & Technology.

At the time of his demise, Dr. de Silva was the Chairman of Emergence Education.



Mr. Seneviratne is a highly acclaimed professional in surveying sciences both as a practitioner and a trainer. He served as Lecturer at the Institute of Surveying and Mapping, Diyatalawa, Sri Lanka and was actively involved in upgrading the Institute to a degree awarding institution in Surveying Sciences. He also served as Visiting Lecturer in Surveying and Mapping for the M.Sc Course in Forestry at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura and was a Member of the Council of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura. In 1995, Mr. Seneviratne functioned as the President (Section C) of the Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Science. He also functioned as the Secretary General of the National Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka during the period 1997 to 2005. NCCSL is the second largest Chamber in Sri Lanka with a membership of over 500 private sector establishments.

During his career spanning 37 years, Mr. Seneviratne worked in the Survey Department of Sri Lanka and retired as the Surveyor General. He also had the opportunity of serving as Senior Staff Member of the National Survey Directorate in Bahrain and was instrumental in establishing a training program for Bahrain Nationals. He was awarded Top Excellence Award for outstanding contribution to the Directorate.

Mr. Seneviratne functioned as the Group Director Human Resources and Administration of Informatics Group of companies in Sri Lanka. Among the group is an institute of higher education, which pioneered the introduction of British University degrees in IT and Business to Sri Lanka. He served on the Board of Management of this institute.

Ms. Atapattu is an Attorney at Law and graduated from the Sri Lanka Law College in 1991. She has over 25 years experience as a legal officer covering most aspects of legal work including litigation & court work, drafting of contracts & agreements and advisory services. She is exposed to the work of a company secretary and posses knowledge relating to provisions of the Company Law in Sri Lanka.

Ms. Atapattu currently serves as a Director of a registered financial institution in Sri Lanka and as the Legal Director of Emergence Education Consultants (Pvt) Ltd.

A persona with wide knowledge and experience in the field of tertiary education, Ms. Vithanage began her career in 1990 working in the Information Centre at the British Council in Sri Lanka. She holds a Diploma in Library and Information Science conducted by the Sri Lanka Library Association. During the latter part of her tenure at the British Council, Ms. Vithanage worked in the Education Information Service providing a customer focused enquiry service to Sri Lankan students on “Studying in the UK”. She was responsible for organizing the UK Education Fairs held in Sri Lanka, liaising with many UK institutions. Her work entailed regular liaison with UK universities to facilitate meetings with prospective Sri Lankan students and organizing briefings and interviews with such students.

Ms. Vithanage, a British Citizen by birth, took residence in the United Kingdom in 1998 and had the opportunity to join and work with the British Council headquarters based in London. After an initial exposure in the Accounts Division, she moved into her forte, the main stream in the Education Information Service. Her primary role was to provide information on “Studying and Training in the UK” to international students and also to provide a back up enquiry service for the whole of the British Council overseas network. While being employed she successfully completed the certificate level of the ‘Professional Award in Marketing British Education’, a course conducted by the British Council in the UK. After completion of this course, she was also involved in providing training to the British Council overseas network and responsible for organizing in house training programs.

Ms. Vithanage left the services of the British Council in London in 2002. She continued her career in the UK and has been working in a Further Education college since 2003. Through her current employment, Ms. Vithanage has gained much knowledge on the workings of the Further Education sector.

Mr. de Silva has been a practicing investment banking professional for over 30 years and has successfully developed and managed many institutions including a licensed specialized bank, non-bank finance company, specialized leasing company, primary dealer in Government Securities and Fund Manager. He has a strong focus on product & business development with international exposure having travelled to more than 20 countries to develop cross border business relationships.

Mr. de Silva was a founder Director of American National College (ANC) in Sri Lanka. ANC is a leading provider of American & Australian higher education in Sri Lanka, offering accredited courses and facilitating an easy transfer to American & Australian universities. ANC, in Sri Lanka is accredited Northwood University in USA and is one of Northwood's International Program Centers. These programs serve both domestic students in Sri Lanka as well as international students.

In addition to being the President/CEO of Emergence Education, Mr. de Silva currently serves as the Country Director for HVS International, a globally renowned US based hospitality consulting firm which provides among many other services, training and development of hospitality industry personnel. He is a resource person of the HVS faculty and a speaker at hospitality industry conferences held globally.

Ms. Meepage is qualified and experienced in Marketing, HR & Administration. She holds a Diploma in Marketing Management from the University of Sri Jayewardenepura and is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

In a career spanning over ten years, Ms. Meepage has been exposed to migration and education services, business development, customer relations and operations. She made a remarkable contribution in the financial services industry being recognized for best performance on many occasions. Her keenness to apply and prove her learning in a completely different industry took her to the education services sector serving successfully for three years covering various aspects of the business including counseling, sales management, marketing, public relations and general administration in respect of in-house programs as well as overseas student placements. Ms. Meepage currently serves as the head of student services activities at Emergence Education.


The team at Emergence Education believes that success is derived from commitment to excellence and pursuance of a rewarding partnership with all stake holders. As such, our business philosophy is driven by the motto “to provide personalized service of excellent quality in a wholesome partnership”

Excellent quality is built on our key principles of:
  • Developing and maintaining close relationships with all stake holders
  • Keeping abreast of professional and best practice guidelines
  • Maintaining independence to eliminate conflicts of interest
  • Innovation and flexibility