I would highly recommend Emergence Education if you ever wanted to study in Australia. I've planned to go to Australia to do nursing, they've provided me the best service to overcome this. I've had no complications at all during the whole process. I received my visa just within a day. Thanks Emergence Education for all your support.

Danod Dulshan Jayasinghe

Deakin University

I highly recommend Emergence Education for overseas consultancy with great experience. Given the little time I had, they helped me to apply to Deakin University along with the visa. I was given proper guidance throughout the whole process until the very end, leaving me the least of the burden. I would kindly like to thank the agents for their great dedication and commitment which went into my consultancy process.

Dinali Rodrigo

Deakin University

Thanks to Emergence Education my dream of becoming a skilled and qualified nurse in Australia is becoming a reality. I am happy that I was able to secure a 50% Scholarship which helped me further to make this dream come true.

Rosheni De Silva

Australian Catholic University (ACU)

I would like to recommend Emergence Education for students who are planning to study in Australia. They provided a really good service from day one and even after I arrived in Australia. I thank them for all their hard work done to get my student visa.

Shenal Fernandopulle

University of Tasmania

I completed my Bachelor in Business (Management & International Business) from Edith Cowan University. I have always dreamt of going abroad to pursue my higher education and Australia has been a key destination to complete my Masters. Emergence Education has helped me a lot with selecting the University, completing the documentation for VISA processes and were extremely nice to me. I strongly recommend anyone to visit Emergence Education as their services are free of charge.

Sachini Jayawickreme

Griffith University

I experienced myself the best services. They had visa assessment and everything in order. I would recommend anyone to meet them and make your goals comes true.

Harindu Kalupahana

Deakin University

I highly recommend Emergence Education that helped me continue on with my higher education in Australia at Deakin. My special regards go to the whole team at Emergence Education who continuously helped with their hard work.

Sheron Suditha

Deakin University

I was doing my Bachelor in Accounting & Finance in a private University in Sri Lanka and during the first year of studies, I decided to take my studies to Australia to complete my Bachelor’s and I was referred to Emergence Education by a friend. Everything (from the University application process to the VISA process) was done in a smooth and friendly manner and I will definitely recommend Emergence Education to anyone who wants to go to Australia for higher studies.

Nawod Jayasinghe

Central Queensland University (CQU)